Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Summer's Over

Well summer is over, now begins the rush to finish projects before Christmas.  In the meantime you will find posted a few pictures taken on our various trips this summer.   The pictures are taken not just for family but also as a resource for future quilts.  I am looking forward to taking a class from famous quilter  Hollis Chatelain this month. Check out her web site,  She does a beautiful job of combining her vision in her quilts, I hope to learn how to use some of these photos in my work.
Let me know which pictures you like and which ones should be made into quilts.

Quick trip with David to Fort Bragg, Capillio Lighthouse

Please Check out the Photo Gallery to find more to make your selection of which photo should be made into a quilt.  The class is on Oct 8 so please let me know which photo you think deserves to be considered to become a quilt!
Thank you for your choices!! I look forward to seeing which one you have chosen!!