Photo Gallery

Here are some of this summer's photos and a few old favorites!

Please choose the the ones you believe would make a good quilt 
for consideration in the Hollis Chatelain class project.
Then be sure and let me know in the comment section
 just after the Summers Over Blog Post.
David at Cabrillo Light House, Fort Bragg.
 Charles boating at Black Butte
Sunset on back field road
Rose of Sharon Bloom
Golden Black Butte Sunset
Blushing pink Black Butte Sunset
 Happy Farmer
Tractor Races on the farm
Rest Stop Races
Sadie ears up jumping for joy in spring flowers
Sadie jumping for the joy of spring
Tractor racing can also get some things done
Lawn mower racing, they like to race everything!
View from the air of USA Farms

Ducks at Lely Park  
Taken just before we took off for a quick trip to the coast.
June 2010 taken by BThomas


Canadian Geese in Butte Meadows 
May 2010 taken by BThomas

Two photos of a busy Beaver in Fairbanks, Alaska  
July 2009 taken by BThomas