Sunday, May 9, 2010

Big Blue Bird Quilt

      The Big Blue Bird with Bells on her Toes and Rings on Her Fingers was made for the Banners of Hope Project (2-1-2010) for permanent display at the Enloe Cancer Center Healing Arts Gallery on Cohasset Road in Chico. Twenty quilts were made by quilters who were effected by cancer in numerous ways, most of the quilters are also members of the Annie Star Quilt Guild.
     I made this quilt not to memorialize all the family members who have died of cancer, but to rejoice in those who have survived! Specifically my niece Cheryl who not only is alive but thrives!  After several surgeries and numerous treatments, after being told she could never have children, she now has three beautiful healthy children, and her cancer has been in remission for several years.
    The main thing that got Cheryl through it, and the thing that gets so many through it is to say, "Lord help me through it." Part of hope is having faith, and part of hope is having love and being loved, and part of hope is being able to laugh.  So I made a silly bird to make people at the cancer center laugh.  She's the bluebird of happiness with bells on her toes and rings on her fingers, bursting through the frame because she is ready for a sunny new day and she is ready to play!  Poor little bluebird doesn't have a name, so you are each invited, children big and small, to name her whatever you like... and to ring her bells and hear her happy sound.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mothers Day

It has been longer than I had planned for this next entry.  During this time we have taken a quick trip to see our son in the Navy and reluctantly home again. How do I express the events of the last few weeks.  Mothers Day is this next Sunday and all I can think of is my concern for my sons.  I guess that is what comes with the territory.  Grown sons or not, once a Mom always a Mom.

I can only shuffle through some fabric as my mind is elsewhere.  Quilting has been my release yet I cannot concentrate.  I need to find some mindless stitchery to do, yet I have several projects line up that need attention and am unable focus on them.  Someday soon
I'll get back to work on quilting and the several quilts I plan to share with you.

Today instead of quilting I find spending time with God my only relief from stress.  For now and always, all I can do is lean on Him and Trust that all things work together for those that love the Lord.

Remembering Always that We are In His Hands