I am a passionate quilter, who would rather quilt than eat or sleep.  Yet I am also a mother, just ask me about my two sweet boys, now grown men, just try to stop me!  I am very lucky to have a wonderful understanding hubby for 35 years so far. Who is very creative around the farm and seems to understand how my passion for quilting may distract me from the routine. Somehow he knows that the desire to take care of all that stuff just can wait for another day.  When I get one of those ideas, I just have to get to it. Sometimes it is to get out the camera and catch the light.  Other times it is trying to catch the light by painting in watercolors, or getting down a sketch.  Then of course it is playing with fabric and threads for just the right combination of light and color.  I guess you could say I am truly blessed to be so inspired and to have such a special family!