Wednesday, October 20, 2010

EVOO Quilt

Ok here is a photo of my latest Quilt .. EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil... When I was watching Rachel Ray I had no idea what she was talking about.  So I came up with this silly idea that shows where the extra virgins are.  Look closely and you will find two virgins in the olive tree. Since this is an extra special tree it produces extra large olives. Enjoy my silliness!!
Can't wait to show you the projects I am working on after the 3 day Hollis Workshop
For now it is top secret.. no peaking until its finished.  We learned how to work with the dyes to create picture quilts... I am currently improving my techniques and combining what I have learned from Hollis with inking & color techniques learned from Lura Schwarz Smith.  So far, so good, it is turning out well but I'm just not quite finished with it yet.  So you can look forward to my next post.
Toodles for Now