Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Busy Busy June

     Yes, This month has been a busy one!! Have been working on a mariner's compass quilt. It is going well but it is taking some time. So don't hold your breath who knows how long it is going to be to finish it!!
     Meanwhile I have been spending quite a bit of time away from quilting.  I have been out and about in this beautiful weather taking fun photos. We have as a family been taking some beautiful drives, the one to Butte Meadows where we came across a field with Wild Canadian Geese.  Check out the photo gallery of some of the photos taken.
     Then my son David and I have been taking some short hikes just to take photos.  The other day we started out taking photos of some beautiful ducks on the pond in a local park.  We decided we had time to take a short drive to the coast to take some photos of the waves. Well it was a beautiful drive, just a bit longer than we planned.  So we stayed another day! What fun!! We were able to hike to the Lighthouse, explore Glass Beach, and check out the bluffs in Mendocino.  While standing on the bluffs a whale came right up to the shore and I jumped so high I forgot to take the shot!! Some photographer I am! We did manage to take some photos of the little town but somehow David managed to schedule our time there to avoid when the shops were open! We had a wonderful time even if I did not get any shopping in, except to get what we needed because we didn't plan for more than a day trip!
     We will post more photos in the Photo Gallery of this trip and of previous trips soon.   We have more excursions planned for the summer so it will be a busy summer!  Hope yours will as fun as mine has been!

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